For Cristiano Ronaldo Collection to bring back 'home' fans Manchester United

The Manchester United fans do not give up and decided to take action. A group of 'Red Devils' have launched an interesting initiative which aims to raise money from fans to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to  Old Trafford. An emotional video that leaves the Portuguese star in his time with United and a clear message that fans should mobilize. This message is intended to persuade the English amateur club to make a donation to the cause. The fact is that so far, the message has deepened among a section of the fans. In its first week, this group of entrepreneurs have raised nearly four thousand pounds (over 4,700 euros). The procedure is simple: every fan deposited 12 euros in the first payment for a future United shirt with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo to the back. When the Portuguese finally return to Manchester, the fan will pay more than 50 euros in a second payment. If the transfer is not given, the amateur gets that initial investment of 12 euros. The desire for the 'Red Devils' to get his star is beyond doubt. They want back Ronaldo. But the decision does not depend on them. The Manchester United and the player have the last word.
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