between Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho

How are working with Ancelotti ?

We are very happy with the coach. The workouts are very good. We are working to start the season in the best way. Carlo is a very loving and excites us all.

for MLS team ?

I'm still young to come and play in MLS, but I did not close the door on anything. The future only God knows. For now I'm happy in Europe, then we'll see.

Have you started very strong. What goals mark this season ?

Every season is a challenge for me. I know it will be difficult, but I am a person of challenges and I'll try to work and help my teammates. I'm a fighter and always give everything my team and with the selection.

What do you think the signing of Bale and the money goes to pay for it ?

These issues new players do not talk about that responsibility. I am very happy with the players I have on the computer. To talk about the numbers say is the coach and the president. I have my opinion, but I'm not going to say to the cameras.

Mourinho has said that the real is the Brazilian Ronaldo. What do you think ?

There are things in life that do not deserve comments and this is one more for obvious reasons. I always stay with the good of the coaches. Do not spit on the plate that feeds me and not talking about people who speak ill of me. I keep things positive. Now we will face Chelsea, not his coach. Is one more game preparation and we want to win to start the season in the best way possible.

What do you think the new signings ?

To be honest the signings that Madrid has made are very good, are players going to contribute a lot. The three that are there are very good and certainly will help us a lot.

What do you think of Barcelona ?

I just fixed my team, my teammates. I just want to score goals, do well with my team and not think nothing's Barcelona.

What will you do to improve your stats set pieces ?

Do you know the statistics? As discussed by themselves, but I'll try to improve in all aspects, not only in that.

What is in your new position?

It is different coach, is a new position, but I like it. It is a great time to try new positions, for me is good. Carlo gives me the opportunity to play wherever and I feel comfortable.

What is the contribution of Zidane?

Zidane is a good influence especially for young people and is very good to have you with us

What differences do you see between this stage and the previous one?

I see very positive things. The signings are very good, the manager is a very simple and very affectionate with everyone. The signings are known worldwide, because they are Spanish and know the league. They have already shown in preseason that are very good for Madrid. We are all happy.
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