Cristiano Ronaldo Double Jump, more than a footballer an athlete order to face Cristiano Manchester United Champions League has toured the world, we see Ronaldo incorporating a ball head, his knees at head of Evra Action that perfectly illustrates the athletic power of Cristiano Ronaldo. double jump phenomenal, better than NBA Cristiano Ronaldo is able to realize jumping to unbelievable heights, and goal against Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, saltar, brincar, lanzarse, dar saltos, hacer saltar,

Ronaldo Double Jump

2Cristiano Ronaldo Double Jump

That year, the University of Chichester was demonstrated that launched Ronaldo could make a jump of 78 cm allowing it to reach a ball placed 2m63! Results even more incredible when compared to the average NBA players as Cristiano manages to exceed the average of 7 cm. However, according to an estimate of Spaniards Punto Pelota, the height at which CR7 manages to reach the ball during his duel with Patrice Evra would 2m93, 30 cm better than the tests in 2011, allowing him to make a jump more than one meter in height ! Cristiano Ronaldo seems to float at the jump. this single, he gets in folding the knees when at the height of his jump,
which acts as a booster by moving its center of gravity.
Despite extremely muscular body and therefore heavier,
and he manages to stay longer in the air than
other players lighter.

Cristiano Ronaldo Double Jump

Cristiano Ronaldo Jump