Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Al Jazeera Sport

- “I just feel good ..I’m an ambitious player and this is my life, this is what I love to do so “

-”In terms of individual, I’m good, I try to do my best. You know when you do something with passion, it’s more easy”

-”This is the past, the past is the past and now it’s present and we live in the present so the past is the past. Not celebrating goals It doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t mean that I’m happy or sad or whatever, just moments, everyone can have bad moments, sad moments not just me but any person in the world. Now it’s a different story, I celebrate, the team wins and this is the most important thing”

(About his relationship with Mourinho)

- “Perfect. We’ve a great professional relationship. For me he’s the best coach in the world. In terms of relationship, we’ve a great relationship, we speak the same language, we are friends so this is good. Of course he’s different, you can see that in the titles that he wins in different leagues so he’s a different coach, he’s the best coach for the moment and when he says that I think he’s right  ”

-” We are in 3 competitions ; champions league, la liga and la copa, we try to win all the trophies but the priority is for maybe the most important is the champions league but we’re gonna try hard to win all trophies”

(about what was the last trophy he won)

-” My last trophy individually you mean? Best goal…Golden boots. It was golden boots.”

(about ballon d’or)

-” Every year is the same so I don’t think a lot about that because the people who vote are the players and the coaches so let’s see what’s going  on but to be honest I don’t think a lot about that. Ballon d’or with these kind of things… I live  in the moment, this is not gonna change your life. Of course every trophy is important but not gonna be the end of the world. It’s a trophy, important, I know but all the trophies are important for example champions league. We are in club that we are always under pressure, pressure to win so this is what I’m trying to do all the time. It’s not about individial trophies. I think we’ve to have the ambition to win everything”

(about people who say he’s arrogant)

-” I respect some people who say that (arrogant) because I can call that any person If I really don’t know him well. The people don’t know you to judge someone who don’t know. Of course it’s something I don’t like but I have to live with that, I can not change, I can not change my personality, my character, my education. I respect the people but I don’t agree with them because teh real people who know me, know who’s Cristiano Ronaldo. I can not change the mind of people, maybe sometimes on the pitch I show something they don’t want or like but this is my kind of way to think because I’m an ambitious person, I don’t smile a lot on the pitch because I try to focus but this is really one point that I understand some people because you know in life we always have some people who judge us, sometimes it’s not fair but I have to live with that.”

(about the comparision with Messi)

-” It’s not just now, it’s the last 5 years, it’s always the same. What i’m gonna do, I can not change that, I don’t work  in the press, I can not control it, they love to do that what I’m gonna do? I’ve to do my work, I’ve to train, to score, to play, try to help my team-mates all the time and not think about that”

(about his relationship with Messi)

-”Professional relationship like all the players. I’m not friend of him because we don’t share the dressing room, we don’t go out for dinner, but I respect him as a professional but we’re not friends like real friends, we’re friends of prefession”

(about him and Messi playing together)

-” Why not? If he comes here we play together (laughs) this is more difficult”

-” It’s always nice to play against barcelona, big game so I always want to be part of it, it’s good. In the last gmaes we played against barcelona, we did well. In terms of individual, I think I do well because I scored in the last 6 games so I ‘m happy for that.”

(about Euro 2012)

- “We lost in penalties,  lottery, no one can know what can happen I can give you an example here in madrid we lost against bayern in penalties too so it was a tough moment for me in terms of the game and what happened here and in the national team were the 2 worst moments this season. ..I don’t know maybe sometimes a little more lucky, we lost in penalties, we lost in 2004  in the final..I don’t know, I don’t know the real answer.These things happen in football and we should live with that but I think Portugal deserves to win something important for what we’ve been trying in the last years. Sometimes we’ve to do more but this is football.”

-” Basically I’m not the kind of person when  they help some person like to put camera behind them. People who know me very well  know what I do for many people at the  inside of my heart I feel proud of that because the much you give to that person, God will give you much more. And I feel it really inside….People who I help, I feel grateful, I feel good, you know I go to my bed and I sleep well because I know I did something good for people who need “

(Best goal)

- ” I don’t have best goal but one goal I remember very well is when we won against barcelona 1-2″

(Most important goal)

-” For me the most important goal is the last one but maybe this one in 1-2″

( Dream goal)

-” To dribble 11 players and I score. (laughs)”

(Best player)

-” Difficult question.. there are many of them, it’s difficult to mention one of them for example there are center backs,’s difficult I can’t say one defender, one striker, one goal keeper..many”

(Best coach)

-” Mourinho (smiles) “


-” My dream is to play with RealMadrid”

(Best moment)

-” When we won la liga”

(Worst moment)

-” I will mention the last one with the national team when we lost against Spain in penalties”

( One wish)

- ” To be happy”

( Best quality )

- “I’m friend of my friends..I give everything to the people who I like”

( Bad side )

- ” I’m not hypocrite, I’m honest.(laughs) “

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