Cristiano Ronaldo a football genius, but also an accomplished athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo has made everyone agreed on Wednesday evening, with its delicious Double Jump in the Champions League against Manchester United. a true athlete. With quality football foolproof, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a full sports. and this is not his goal scored Wednesday night in the Champions League, which will contradict this finding. Cristiano Ronaldo flew in the skies of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to catapult the leather into the net with a high-powered head, leaving no chance to Patrice Evra and David De Gea,

cristiano jump [1024x768]

the king of basketball has regaled many. and also, for comparison, jumping on his goal CR7 was assessed 78cm. Sure, it is far from a standard LeBron James, whose dry expansion is estimated at 1.10m or Kobe Bryant also culminates more than 1m, but it is indeed a figure higher than the average NBA players. What cause compliance with a delighted Sir Alex Ferguson : " I said to Patrice Evra at half-time:" Why do not you go to duel with him ? "and then I saw replays. I felt stupid because of the replay Cristiano Ronaldo knee is up to the head of Evra, it's phenomenal. "