Can you say something about your future ?

It's not the best day to talk about it. I have time
to do the resumption of training. I'm just here to
enjoy the day and holidays. Regarding my future,
you'll know quickly. I rest after 10 months of
a difficult season with family, my girlfriend
and my son. I go to the beach, I do care,
I play a little tennis ...
What are the plans for the upcoming season ?

Just do better than last year, do everything to win
La Liga, the Champions League, with Real Madrid,
I also hope we can qualify for the World Cup,
with Portugal.
Do you understand that people hope to see you again at Manchester United, ?

This is a club that is in my heart for a long time. Everyone knows the passion that I have for this club.
But my future is at Real Madrid
A word about the project AS Monaco, ?
This is a good club with a fantastic owner. Monaco back in Ligue 1.
I wish them the best because it is in both Portuguese team, but Falcao, and J. Rodriguez.
Can you imagine seeing one day ?
I do not say I never come to this club but now I'm happy at Real Madrid,
I just want to come to Monaco for the holidays!