Joao Pinto welcomed the position taken by Cristiano Ronaldo

The director of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) Joao Pinto welcomed the position taken by Cristiano Ronaldo, who accompanied the national team of Azerbaijan, despite not being able to play against the local team next Tuesday due to the suspension.


"It is important for him to stay because he knows the importance of play Tuesday. We must stay together and the captain gave the example, "said John Pinto, exhilarating than CR7" even showed willingness to stay, "although it has not been excluded the possibility that the captain go back to Madrid soon.

João Pinto also to answer criticism of Paul Benedict Pinto da Costa, after the president of FC Porto felt it was unacceptable that the selector João Moutinho gave the responsibility to  choose to play or not. "What we must emphasize is the importance of the upcoming match with Azerbaijan. We have the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup and that is what we need to focus," Joao Pinto da Costa Pinto closed after noted  that Moutinho was not in the best physical condition.