Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen as winner ahead of Ribery and Messi in a vote carried out by the Algerian (my country) newspaper Le Buteur that involved a hundred or so media outlets representing 22 countries

Cristiano Ronaldo

Le Buteur, one of Algeria ( Algerie ) most prestigious sporting publications, organised a vote among media outlets representing 22 countries of the Arab world, Lebanon, Kuwait, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan and Libya, among others) to choose the best player in the world. About a hundred people voted, under the same system used to assign the Balon d'Or, and the winner was Cristiano Ronaldo, on 314 points ahead of Ribery, (245) and Messi, (240)