In three and a half years Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the list of the great goal-scorers in the history of la Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo player is already Real Madrid's sixth top goal-scorer in the championship and the twenty-sixth overall. But if there's one area that reveals his merit to perfection it's the goal average: 1.09 goals per game, after scoring 136 in 124 matches. Cristiano Ronaldo, is the only player active in the Primera Division with an average of over one goal per match, far surpassing the averages of Messi (0.86) or Falcao (0.80), his closest rivals in this area.

best goal average
Cristiano Ronaldo's ambition and goals match after match lead one to believe that the Portuguese player will beat many of la Liga's historic records. For the moment, he effectively has no rival. Bettering his record each year, he finished his first campaign with the Whites with 26 goals. In


the 2010/11 and 2011/12 campaigns he totalled 40 and 46 goals respectively, while he has scored 24 so far this season. In total, he has a tally of 136 goals, a figure higher than the number of matches he's played (124). Messi (0.86), Falcao (0.80), Higuain (0.55) y Villa (0.54) follow him on the list.

Looking beyond footballers that are still active, Cristiano Ronaldo is the only one of the top goal-scorers in the history of the Primera Division to average more than one goal per match. Forwards as great as Zarra (0.9), Mundo (0.84) and Cesar (0.63) fell short of the Portuguese player's achievement. In terms of Whites players, he also surpasses the figures of legends such as Pahiño (0.87), Puskas (0.86), Hugo Sanchez (0.79) and Di Stefano (0.76).

Javier García