Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Speed - the fastest player in the world

What makes an athlete more Cristiano Ronaldo a footballer is that its expansion aside, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the football player faster on  this planet, to be compared to Bolt. Indeed, according to a study already completed in December 2009, the German newspaper "Der Spiegel" revealed that Ronaldo was the fastest player in the world with a speed limit of about 33.6 km / h

280 [800x600]incredible speed it is capable of deploying even late in the game. Furthermore, it runs in each season match official, equivalent to the distance between Madrid and Lisbon while it achieves up to 900 times in a season of sprints a sprinter during his Olympic season. Performance it has a very rigorous training (at a full workout, it raises total the equivalent of 16 Toyota Prius), a very strict diet (Ronaldo has less fat than the average boxers are sportsmen less rich in fat) but also a unique DNA.

If no new studies have been carried out since it is certain that Cristiano has lost none of his speed in 3 years, his last race against Atlético Madrid (96m in 10 seconds, December 2012) and Seville (80m in 10 seconds, February 2013 (video below)) are there to prove it.