In 2012 Messi is the only one of three finalists that has nothing won He lost the Liga front Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid who flew the championship Real Madrid was 32 times champion "Campeon"
break the record for points in a season (100) CR7 who scored 46 goals and delivered 12 assists,

Messi, 4 Ballon d'Or and 2 Goals in World Cup, Ballon d'Or more than goals scored in World Cup before Messi said: "My season 2012, was bad"

cristiano d7g

Cristiano took his team on his shoulders. As so Mourinho said: " Cristiano should win the Ballon d'Or because his goals helped us win the championship Messi scored 50 goals have been for nothing"  Zambian Godfrey Chitalu scored 107 goals in 1972 and no one gave him four Ballons d’Or, !!! Messi did not win this year. In 2012, Cristiano, to dominate the 2012 season, CR7 scored 171 goals in 171 matches Cristiano Ronaldo Champion of Spain and a great season 2012 and SuperCup Successful season

Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who is good on the kick stop Cristiano Ronaldo, is a player who is good head Cristiano, Ronaldo is a player who can hit from afar, CR7 is a player who is good on the surface, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who knows dribble, CR7, is a great scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo is a outstanding machine,
CR7 is a player of iron, Cristiano Ronaldo is a true athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo crowned champion liga Spain more Supercup

Cristiano Ronaldo

Champion Liga : Real Madrid 2012
Spain Super Cup : 2012 Real Madrid
Best scorer : 2011 Real Madrid
Winner Spanish Cup : 2011 Real Madrid
Semifinalist League Cup : 2012 Real Madrid
European Cup semi-finalist : 2012 Portugal