You want to Meet Cristiano Ronaldo - How ? Cristiano Ronaldo, delighting fans of Real Madrid, Konami offers you an opportunity to meet CR7, in the Spanish capital. Through a racing video game PES organized in Paris you may  have the chance to realize your dream: learn some tricks on the side of one of the best players in the world  football. you will meet Cristiano Ronaldo how
how? nothing could be easier, simply visit the site and register PES in a competition organized on the new video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013




However, if you ever are a fan of CR7 but you do not play PES, no worries, another chance is offered by Konami, Simply visit this site, where an online game taking place on social networks waiting for you

you will meet Cristiano Ronaldo how ?

It's December 15th will host this impressive tournament taking place at the Nike Store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. 48 registered players can compete in a competition set up in two stages. the first 24 players will compete from 10am to 12.30pm mode challenger a new round will be held with 24 other players from 13h to 15h30, always challenger mode, in order to elect a second winner. 16h will be a great final between the two winners, who will reward the lucky ones who will be great to meet in Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo
You'll understand the Japanese brand offers a golden opportunity to meet your favorite football player. Do not hesitate and join this event, which promises to be as fun qu'excitante for all fans ! Good luck to all !

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