08 mars 2014

Real Madrid : Zidane : " Cristiano Ronaldo Has No limits "

Zidane : « Cristiano Ronaldo deserved  the Ballon d'Or, I see it every day in training it happens an hour before the training, he arrives an hour before the training It will always last two hours after the end of the training I see it working and I can say that it has no limits He wants each time more more, more. this is an example for all, for his teammates, to Madrileños, for opponents »
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03 juillet 2013

Gareth Bale speak of Cristiano Ronaldo Zidane Real Madrid

 Gareth Bale speak of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Real Madrid, Have you been afraid that this transfer does not take place ?This is an absolute dream to be here . The Chair ( Real ) Florentino Perez and ( general manager ) Jose Angel Sanchez made a lot of efforts to make me come and I trust early in the fact that they would make my dream a reality. I can not wait to start .Is the price mentioned for your transfer puts you under pressure?I put much pressure on myself. I want to come here , play my best football, help the... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2013

Manchester United Real Madrid Match the Legends

Manchester United Real Madrid Legends, Last Sunday was held on Match of Legends between major players of Manchester United against those of Real Madrid including Zidane, Morientes, Figo, Alex Ferguson, The teams: Manchester United, : Van Der Gouw, Martin, Irwin, Johnsen, Stam, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes, Fortune, Blomqvist, Cole, Yorke. Scorer : Van Nistelrooy (67)Real Madrid, : Sanchez, Pavon, Helguera, McManaman, Amavisca, Sanz, Hierro, Vazquez, Zidane, Morientes, De La Red, Figo, Scorer : Morientes (40) De La Red (84),
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30 mai 2013

Real Madrid Florentinio Perez, "Gareth Bale was born to play for Real Madrid,"

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid continues. While Neymar has escaped merengue club Real Madrid did the forcing to pull the services of Gareth Bale. After Zidane, Welsh Tottenham received significant support in the person of Florentinio Perez, "Gareth Bale was born to play for Real Madrid," said the President of Real Madrid Club Merengue not want to hang on this issue, while that of the coach is still pending Florentino Perez wants to accelerate and thus have an ultimatum to the leaders of Tottenham June 15.
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01 mars 2013

Gareth Bale is better than Neymar - Jonathan Barnett

Gareth Bale, The player's agent insists on quality and ensures it will be even more expensive than Neymar recently signed for the club. "It will cost more, quite simply because it's better" sentenced Jonathan Barnett. In addition, Real Madrid will stumble back with a hard bone to gnaw on the shipment. This is Daniel Levy. The Tottenham chairman current Welsh team player, and made it difficult to Florentino Perez in negotiations to sign the Croatian Luka Modric last summer and it seems that this time everything will pass through... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2013

Videos Legends Real Madrid the Best Club of the World

Legends Real Madrid Football Incredible the Best Club of the World Legends Real Madrid, 1980 - 1990, & 1970 - 1980, & 1960 - 1970, & 1950 - 1960, Music Michael Jackson Real Madrid 1970 -... [Lire la suite]
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11 février 2013

Real Madrid Foundation Cristiano Ronaldo Casillas Zidane Hoy No Hay Miseria

HOY NO HAY MISIRIA Real Madrid Foundation Cristiano Ronaldo Casillas Zidane
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21 janvier 2013

Video Madridista Return illusion Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo Casillas Kaka

Video Madridista Return illusion Real Madrid, Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Raul, Zidane, Beckham,
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07 janvier 2013

Ballon d'Or Zidane: " It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo "

Ballon d'Or Zinedine Zidane, : " It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo, " The Real Madrid sporting director Zinedine Zidane has its own opinion on the subject. Asked by L'Equipe, former playmaker of the team of France would like the trophy back to the attacker CR7, Zidane :« It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he already played in Madrid, and because his record and what he did last year is amazing. but what did Cristiano Ronaldo on the field is special. If the match has is that he scored his goal, Very few players are able to do... [Lire la suite]
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20 décembre 2012

Benzema Best French Footballer 2012

Benzema, Best French Footballer 2012 Benzema was the second consecutive year  Best French Footballer 2012, He received his trophy from Zinedine Zidane #Zidane #Benzema
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