08 décembre 2012

Yaya Touré " Cristiano Ronaldo est capable de passer au dessus de vous

Yaya Touré le milieu de terrain de                                Manchester City était plein d'éloges pour Cristiano Ronaldo, «De toute évidence,  Cristiano Ronaldo a fait la différence. Sans lui, il aurait été un jeu différent. " c'est toujours un danger. Quand vous avez la balle, vous devez revenir en arrière. "il est capable de passer par-dessus de vous,»   Cristiano Ronaldo
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06 décembre 2012

the smile of cristiano ronaldo hurts the supporters manchester city

The Smile Cristiano Ronaldo hurts the supporters Manchester city #Cristiano Ronaldo #Real madrid #Manchester City
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26 novembre 2012

Roberto Mancini : " Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the Ballon d'Or "

Roberto Mancini : " Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the Ballon d'Or "   Roberto Mancini Cristiano Ronaldo spoke quickly, the main danger of Real Madrid .  If at first said he would call the police stop Cristiano Ronaldo  Roberto Mancini subsequently admitted that " Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the Ballon d'Or "   " This is a top player who last season scored a lot of goals to allow  Real Madrid dominate the league against FC Barcelona "  " Messi and him are the two best... [Lire la suite]
24 novembre 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo : " "My dream as a player is to win the Champions League again "

Cristiano Ronaldo  " José Mourinho is the best coach in the world , For me, it is the No. 1. It is wonderful to work with him, because I am a person who loves to win and hates to lose" CR7 "Everyone here is focused on the Champions League My dream as a player is to win the Champions League again " Cristiano Ronaldo
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30 octobre 2012

Ballon D'or 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Ozil Benzema Xabi Casillas Madridista

Ballon D'or, 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Mesut Ozil Benzema Xabi Alanso Casillas Madridista 23 Joueurs et 6 Madridista Ballon D'or HALA MADRID,                                                                    ... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2012

Arsène Wenger " Cristiano Ronaldo will be even better ..

Arsène Wenger " Cristiano Ronaldo will be even better it can claim the Ballon d'Or of course .........   Cristiano Ronaldo brand still almost a goal per game on average. This is the sign of the variety of his talents. It is good on set pieces, the head, strikes far in the area and he knows dribble. Whatever the situation, beyond the median line, he can score. It does not go for a striker but he scored 44 goals in 50 matches, and it was the same in England. This is a remarkable machine. Thing that is rarely mentioned: it... [Lire la suite]