30 mars 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Panic The Counters The Most Incredible Statistic

Cristiano Ronaldo panic the counters, The most incredible statistic of Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo 44 goals in 40 games this season for Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo 245 goals in 239 matches career so far for Real MadridCristiano Ronaldo 417 goals in his Career so far Cristiano Ronaldo 13 goals champions league Top Scorer ! Cristiano Ronaldo 48 goals for Portugal
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12 février 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Palmares

Cristiano Ronaldo Palmares La Liga : 2011/12Copa del Rey : 2011Spanish Super Cup: 2012Super League : 2002FA Cup: 2004Football League Cup : 2006, 2009Premier League: 2007, 2008, 2009Community Shield: 2007, 2008UEFA Champions League : 2008FIFA Club World Cup: 2008Bravo Trophy: 2004FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year: 2005, 2006Portuguese Footballer of the Year: 2006, 2007FA Premier League Player of the Year 2007Ballon d'Or runner-up: 2007FIFA World Player, third place: 2007UEFA Champions League Top-Scorer : 2008Golden Boot :... [Lire la suite]
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16 décembre 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo This is a player who is good on the kick stop This is a player who is good head

Cristiano Ronaldo  This is a player who is good on the kick stop This is a player who is good head This is a player who can hit from afar, This is a player who is good on the surface, So, this is a player who knows dribble, and great scorer it does the same thing in England, this is a outstanding machine, He is a player of iron, this is a true athlete, he is never wrong, when he is hurt and when he was wounded he returned very quickly, he is not afraid to get in touch, is the essential weapon of the attacker, it has a... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 800th goal for Real Madrid and 31 matches

Real Madrid, 800 goals in Champions League, and 31 consecutive matches Real Madrid, wins in Copenhagen, a record of great merit, because it is the first team to score 800 goals, in 31 matches, Real Madrid broke the first record with with a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, reach a new milestone as it reached 800 goals, European Cup, as Real Madrid scored 18 goals in the first five days, with goals from Modric, and Cristiano Ronaldo, came to twenty in the first phase, Copenhagen Real Madrid 0-2, Champions League,
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27 juillet 2013

Real Madrid Galatasaray before the match Cristiano Ronaldo Casillas Modric

Real Madrid Galatasaray before the match Cristiano Ronaldo Casillas Modric Galatasaray that is hosted in the hotel Eurostars Madrid came out this morning in his bus for the last training, while the Whites came to the Bernabeu at 11:30 to change clothes and take a bus that brought them to the city of Madrid, already Modric, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are not
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21 juillet 2013

Real Madrid players before training Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale Benzema Morata Varane

Real Madrid players before training Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale Benzema Morata Varane Real Madrid returned to training this morning after yesterday's victory against Malaga harvested by two goals to nil All which puts em just three point behind Barcelona, just before the clasico, drank before, Will face Juventus, on Wednesday in the third day of the group stage of the Champions League. Ancelotti completed the last session of the week with the presence of Varane, Have you joined the group
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16 juillet 2013

Video : Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message for Alex Ferguson

” Hi boss. I have this chance to send you a message that I want to share with everyone like you did with me which was unbelievable and I’ll never forget it in my life When I arrived at Manchester as an 18 year-old, you were like a father for me in football and you gave me opportunities and taught me many things, and I feel glad to send you this message, “I remember when I was there in the club and I asked for the No. 28 shirt and you gave me the No. 7. It put me under a lot of pressure but you told me it wouldn’t be a problem... [Lire la suite]
05 juillet 2013

The fans waited for hours for Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez

The fans waited for hours in the morning Cristiano Ronaldo, of Real Madrid, superstar. The team Blancos came to Turin to face Juventus, in the second leg of the Champions League, for the playoffs, fans screaming under the windows of Golden Palace. Many fans of all teams, some Italian and some madridista Juventus, they waited Cristiano Ronaldo autographs and photos "For us, it is a phenomenon of football," said the fan, Real Madrid has not left their hotel was packed with fans, in the door. Yes it has been allowed to see their... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2013

The Actors of Real Madrid arrived has Turín Cristiano Ronaldo Bale Casillas Xabi

Real Madrid is already in the Italian city of Turin, to play the game in the group stage of the Champions League, against Juventus, on arrival at the airport in the Italian city, dozens of fans Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo,
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21 juin 2013

Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo invaded his car

Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo invaded his car Real Madrid, is measured in Champions League, against Juventus, in what is another test to measure the recovery of Carlo Ancelotti, after his victory in Saturday's league match against Malaga, The liking trusts his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, following intractable
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