02 mai 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo Tested to the limits Double Jump

Double Jump Cristiano Ronaldo, Well aware that this is one of his sponsors who gave the answer to this question a few months ago now. In 2012, Castrol, adept statistics of all kinds in the world of football, was amused to estimate and digitize the physical abilities of Cristiano Ronaldo, in a large promotional campaign called "Cristiano Ronaldo Tested to the limits." A mixture of marketing and scientist who takes a little more sense this week. Know that Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of rising to 44cm height without momentum.... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2013

" Cristiano Ronaldo gave the example " says Joao Pinto

Joao Pinto welcomed the position taken by Cristiano Ronaldo The director of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) Joao Pinto welcomed the position taken by Cristiano Ronaldo, who accompanied the national team of Azerbaijan, despite not being able to play against the local team next Tuesday due to the suspension. "It is important for him to stay because he knows the importance of play Tuesday. We must stay together and the captain gave the example, "said John Pinto, exhilarating than CR7" even showed willingness to stay,... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2013

une formule magique pour arrêter Cristiano Ronaldo

Une Formule Magique pour Arrêter Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Barcelone, Clasico 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo est très enforme depuis-le début de l'année 2013 CR7 a inscrit 10 buts en six rencontres, «C'est normal que Cristiano Ronaldo se sente mieux quand il marque que quand il n'y arrive pas. Cela a toujours été le cas. C'est l'un de ces joueurs que l'on arrête que difficilement. Et je ne pense pas qu'il y ait une formule magique pour l'arrêter. C'est ce qui fait de lui un si grand footballeur», Roura conférence presse. Cristiano... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo old team Sporting Clube Portugal photo

Cristiano Ronaldo, old team, Sporting, Portugal,
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07 janvier 2013

Ballon d'Or Zidane: " It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo "

Ballon d'Or Zinedine Zidane, : " It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo, " The Real Madrid sporting director Zinedine Zidane has its own opinion on the subject. Asked by L'Equipe, former playmaker of the team of France would like the trophy back to the attacker CR7, Zidane :« It's got to be Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he already played in Madrid, and because his record and what he did last year is amazing. but what did Cristiano Ronaldo on the field is special. If the match has is that he scored his goal, Very few players are able to do... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2013

They Said on The Ballon d'Or 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Messi Iniesta

They Said on The Ballon d'Or, 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo,  Social Media Network Votación Cristiano Ronaldo Iniesta Messi Balón de Oro 2012Cristiano Ronaldo, Mejor social media network, Twitter, Facebook, Votación 50M + 15M VOTO Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon D'or, 2012  They Said....... More
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05 janvier 2013

Manu Sainz : " it is a gift of God to have a friend like Cristiano Ronaldo "

Manu Sainz, reporter AS, who became friends with CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo tells the human side of Portuguese Manu Sainz : " it is a gift of God to have a friend like Cristiano Ronaldo " "I became friends with Cristiano Ronaldo our relationship dates back to when he played for Manchester United. it is a gift of God to have a friend like Cristiano Ronaldo This is a really good guy, "said Manu Sainz.
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01 janvier 2013

Special Ballon d'Or

Special Ballon d'Or Cristiano Ronaldo   Luiz Felipe Scolari : " Cristiano Ronaldo ought Win 2012 Ballon d'Or "  more     Ruud Gullit  : " Cristiano Ronaldo   is the best ... Ballon d’Or  > > more               Ballon d’Or : Adebayor vote Cristiano Ronaldo >more   The Balkans vote Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d'Or 2012  more   NBA Mirza Teletovic Cristiano Ronaldo deserves Ballon d'Or 2012 "     ... [Lire la suite]
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31 décembre 2012

Love All Creatures Happy New Year Bonne Année 2013

« Love All Creatures Regardless of Their Religion, Their race or their Opinions Each is at the Place Where God has Placed and it is not Ours to Judge » ....Proverb : al Qâdiri "Soufi"   « Aimez toutes les créatures, quelles que soient leur religion, leur race ou leurs opinions ! Chacun est à la place où Dieu l'a mis et il ne nous appartient pas d'en juger  »
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27 décembre 2012

Extra Video, Real Madrid 2012 Liga 32 Cristiano Ronaldo Happy New Year Special Madridista Worldwide

Extra Video, Real Madrid, 2012 Liga 32 Cristiano Ronaldo, Happy New Year, Special Madridista, Worldwide Video #Real Madrid 2013 Liga 32 Champeon #Cristiano Ronaldo #Happy New Year
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