Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Mesut Ozil, Burak Yilmaz, his childhood, and champion league

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil, is in really top form and he’s an important player for us. He’s proved that he’s a key player in the last few seasons. I love playing with him because he’s a really talented player and we understand each other well. That’s why I’m really comfortable with him and I hope it stays that way until the end of the season, with these good moments of football”.

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Burak Yilmaz :
He’s a player who’s doing well in the Champions because scoring eight goals is hard. As always, we have to be focused. The defenders have to be on the ball because it’s crucial that we make it to the semi-finals”.

Cristiano Ronaldo : “The game against Galatasaray will be wide open and very balanced. We have to play well, like we do at home in the Champions. We know that it’s a squad that also attacks a lot and that’s good, because our chances of winning increase when the opponent plays us one-on-one”.

Cristiano Ronaldo “It’s nothing special because we have to play both matches and win. Playing at home or away first isn’t an advantage, for me it’s all the same”. Cristiano Ronaldo also spoke about how he’ll face the clash: “I’m calm. It’s another match that we have to fight for and win. It’s a very important game for us and I’m sure that I’ll be focused, I’ll play well and try to help the team win”. 

Cristiano Ronaldo “We played well in the Camp Nou, also in Manchester and here at home against Barcelona. Things are going well for us, we have more confidence and we’re having a good run. I hope we can stay this way until the end of the season”.

Cristiano Ronaldo “We know that everyone in Madrid wants the Décima and it’s a club objective. And we, the players, know how important it is to win the Champions, but I’ve always said that you have to take it step by step. The squad is good, we’re in good form and now we’re up against Galatasaray, a good team. It’s possible that we make it through, but we have to keep taking it step by step”.

childhood in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo said: “It was great to grow up in Madeira with my family and friends. That’s where everything started. I played in the street and I have great memories of my city. It makes me happy to talk about it”.

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