Gareth Bale is a perfectionist and passionate about golf, although he has never taken a single class of the sport. It recognizes that "people say that you 'burn' it's better do it from the beginning."

A Gareth Bale, likes to have fun, enjoy whatever you do. It joker, cheerful, always smiling. In addition to golf, enjoys other sports. Boxing is declared lover, especially "Mayweather and Pacquiao."

A guy who makes clothes, but he remembers his old friends. Recognizes that usually have a "time in Cardiff, where I have friends for years, keep in touch and sometimes come to see the games."

A humble guy, who marveled at the sports city of Tottenham. He considered that "it is absolutely amazing. Has fields for the quarry, gym, swimming pool." The Welsh stressed "the treadmill under water", as "greatly facilitated my recovery."

Bale also dreamed of being, which can be, his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, acknowledges that "my favorite player, I like to see is Critiano Ronaldo". For Bale, CR7 is "an amazing player, which marks when he wants and that is all that is football."