Scolari says : " Cristiano Ronaldo is more fantastic than Messi "

The coach said in an interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo 'unlike Messi, Cristiano colleagues uncomfortable with his presence EFE
Rio de Janeiro | Updated 22/04/2013 14:22

Cristiano Ronaldo

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari introduced as the new coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Brazilian coach
The Brazilian coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari believes that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who went when he was coach of Portugal, is a fantastic player Leo Messi. "Messi is fantastic, but Cristiano is fantastic," he says.
In an interview published Monday by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, "Scolari said that great rivals Brazil in the 2014 World Cup are Germany, Italy and Argentina, although he is" watching "in Spain, the current world champion .

 "Cristiano does everything it does and Messi equals. For me Cristiano is the best," he says.