Double Jump Cristiano Ronaldo,

Well aware that this is one of his sponsors who gave the answer to this question a few months ago now. In 2012, Castrol, adept statistics of all kinds in the world of football, was amused to estimate and digitize the physical abilities of Cristiano Ronaldo,
in a large promotional campaign called "Cristiano Ronaldo Tested to the limits." A mixture of marketing and scientist who takes a little more sense this week. Know that Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of rising to 44cm height without momentum. Performance far from being exceptional. In contrast, when launched, CR7 arrives at a figure much more unconventional than 78cm

Cristiano Ronaldo Jump

Cristiano Ronaldo jumps higher than the average NBA players

Cristiano Ronaldo and exceeds the average relaxation of NBA players, between 60 and 70cm. Pivots, which were not used to jump very high, have a trigger that does not exceed 60cm. In contrast, stars like Michal Jordan can "jump" over 120cm! Cristiano Ronaldo has more work to provide equal before the Lord of the orange ball, but it would be quite a place in the prestigious American basketball league with such athletic performance.

Discover here the video Jump of Cristiano Ronaldo